What conflicts can be avoided due to dilapidation reports ?

As the mortgage holder on social housing co-operatives in the Lower Mainland including buildings that have suffered building envelope pre purchase building inspections failure; and as the builder of housing stock on Vancouver Island Reserves that required extensive mould-related repairs; Jim White, Senior Adviser, Building Science, CMHC, presented a paper entitled “Moldy Houses Can Be Deadly” to the 1997 ASCP Convention and Exhibition. Our work with Agriculture Canada with one of the leading experts on toxic molds has removed doubts about why.

Mr. White detailed CMHC’s concern with mould by noting research that has determined a 50 – 100 percent increase in respiratory disease among populations living in homes reporting moisture or mould. As per the precautions taken during remediation work on Vancouver Island Reserves in 1998, Mr. White notes that workers who are ill or immune deficient when exposed to mould can become permanently disabled.

Given this leadership role in researBuilding Inspection Pricesching and communicating mould-related issues in Canada, it is reasonable to expect that CMHC would have, and should have, played a visible and constructive role in helping British Columbians deal with mould-infested leaky condominiums. One of the hotly-contested facts debated before the Commission has been the date at which various players in the construction sector knew of the leaky condo problem; what they did with that knowledge; and what actions, if any, were taken. On December 2, 1999, CMHC hosted a major seminar workshop in Vancouver entitled “Advanced Construction Details.

A one-day, hands-on event with the foremost building envelope experts with a focus on Multi-Unit Wood Frame Construction and Repair. An answer to the question of when CMHC was aware of the leaky condominium crisis was given to the delegates attending this event by Mark Salerno, CMHC Senior Consultant, Research & Technology Transfer. Mr. Salerno was the first presenter at this conference. His presentation was entitled, “CMHC Research Leaky Condos, Emerging Crisis.