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Lawmakers have been seeking a comprehensive report on perchlorate from the Defense Department for more than a year. Perchlorate has been detected in groundwater and the underground aquifers around the arsenal, but not in the drinking water of the area. He determined, however, that he could better spend his time liquidating the funeral home’s assets and returning the money to the people who purchased those policies.

For managing all the steps from the building and pest inspection process it is the first thing to make selection for the best inspector for doing the process in the right and legal manner. Ledlow later spoke Tuesday at a workshop on pre-need funeral policies. The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce sponsored the workshop to reassure the public that it is OK to purchase the plans.

The maximum we found in an unnamed stream that runs along our boundary is 59 parts per billion. Officials added the pre-need funeral industry to the agency’s duties two years ago. The Insurance Commission issues certificates that enable funeral homes and cemeteries to sell prepaid policies to people based on their paperwork. But that paperwork is not always accurate, which was the case with Town Creek Funeral Home.