Why this house inspection process is important in the house inspection process?

I put it to the new Chief Executive that it would be manifestly unfair to expect Mr Y to pay the arrears that has accumulated under the interim maintenance assessment. At a rate of clearance of £100 a month it would take Mr Y around 18 years to discharge the arrears as currently identified. I asked the Chief Executive to consider making a significant gesture in that respect. In reply the Chief Executive said that, Building Report in the particular circumstances of Mr Y’s case, CSA had decided to offer deferment.

They proposed to allow Mr Y to clear that liability by increasing his arrears agreement to £161.35 a month over 12 months.Mr M complained on behalf of Mr S that the Child Support Agency (CSA) caused arrears to accrue on Mr S’s account. In her comments to the Ombudsman, the Chief Executive of CSA did not dispute the contents. In effect that would require a new policy decision to be made to extend the deferred debt scheme to include error as well as delay. The Chief Executive said she had written personally to Mr M apologising for the manner in which CSA had handled aspects of Mr S’s case.

In response to enquiries from the Ombudsman’s office CSA officials could not give any indication of when the policy matter would be decided.I asked the new Chief Executive if he would be prepared to have Mr S’s case looked at again, with a view to offering some deferment. I suggested in particular that it was reasonable for Mr S to have assumed that his representations about the revised assessment had been accepted by CSA.

Similarly there had been no apparent attempt by CSA to return to the matter of arrears following the exchanges in June 1996. In reply the Chief Executive concluded that, because of the individual circumstances of Mr S’s case, it would be possible to mitigate the effects of CSA’s mistake. CSA had decided in their discretion not to recover income support paid to the parent with care. They proposed to treat Mr S as if he benefited under the deferment arrangements.